India is a world unto itself: there are beaches, jungles and deserts, ancient secrets, a long and storied colonial history, camels, elephants and snake charmers. This is one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth, with over 5,000 years of history. And this is a part of it – Jaisalmer — in the Rajasthan region of the country.

The Thar Desert is a barren and desolate sort of place – not a very friendly environment in which to live. When I was there, I stayed at The Serai, a luxury tented camp. The 18th-largest desert on Earth, the Thar Desert forms a rampart between India and Pakistan. When British India was divided into Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar/Burma this desert was surely factored into the equation. It is 77,000-square-miles in total and extends into Pakistan, as well as other provinces in India. There are 11 national parks within the desert, the Nara Desert Wildlife Sanctuary perhaps being the most prominent.

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