Hima is Sanskrit for “snow.” The Himalayas, conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary, divide the Indian subcontinent from Asia. Bhutan, Nepal, People’s Republic of China, India and Pakistan all are home to the Himalayas. This mountain range is host to several of the world’s highest peaks. Mount Everest stands above the rest. Mars has Olympus Mons, whose base would cover the state of Wyoming and whose summit would cover Rhode Island. Now that’s a mountain. But here on Earth, the Himalayas have 100 mountains higher than 23,000 feet. The rest of the world – meaning every square inch of the rest of the Earth, has exactly zero peaks over 23,000 feet. The Andes boast one which is 22,838 feet. It is called Aconcagua, but have you ever heard of that? The Himalayas are quite young, geologically speaking. About 70 million years ago their creation began — during the Upper Cretaceous period.

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