Royal Highlander Festival: Trek to the Home of the Layap

Jay Tindall treks 20 kilometers to the Royal Highlander Festival to meet the Bhutan tribes of one of the most under traveled regions in Asia.

Turtuk: The King Between the Mountains

“The Yabgo dynasty ruled this area for 2,000 years,” the king says. The humble Yabgo Mohammad Khan Kacho rules over the buckwheat fields and quiet stone streets of Turtuk on the Ladakh’s Pakistan borderlands.

Orchha: Life in the Forgotten Kingdom

The great wonder of Orchha isn’t its architecture or even its rich history. Orchha is empty. Compared to the fortresses and temples of Rajasthan and elsewhere, this region of Madhya Pradesh is a lonesome gem.

Kohimian Rhapsody: Nagaland’s Amazing Hornbill Festival

Always in search of the most authentic experiences in the most remote regions, the unique and colorful Hornbill Festival in India's little-known Nagaland region has been on my bucket list for the last 14 years. The festival showcases cultural displays from many of Nagaland’s vibrant tribes.