My memories of the Great Wall of China are numerous – I have visited many sections of the wall and each section has unique features. There are two main ways to visit the Great Wall: by going to the restored sections of the Wall, which are overrun by tourists, or by seeking out the non-restored sections that have far fewer tourists.

The Great Wall of China is well-known as one of Asia’s – if not the world’s – ultimate travel destinations. It is actually a series of walls, originally constructed to keep out Mongol invaders, as well as for migration control, and as a route for trade and military mobilization. My trips to the Great Wall have been made with an effort to understand its construction and strategic context, and I can say for certain thereis nothing else like it on Earth. Reaching from the Gobi Desert to the Yellow Sea, at some points, the Great Wall is built on such an incline (perhaps over 60 degrees) that walking along the grand structure is akin to climbing a mountain. The wall, of course, is high for a reason:in terms of military operations and tactics, higher ground is most strategic. The colossal complex also features several guard towers, used in ancient times to identify invading, barbarian hordes

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